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Avitel has long been a passionate in the design and implementation of green electronic systems. Using an Avitel green electronic system can reduce your home's carbon footprint, gas and electricity consumption and also enhance a project's LEED rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Avitel provides lighting control systems that extend lamp life and reduce electrical consumption. Dimming the average light bulb by 10% (an imperceptible difference in brightness) will more than double its life and save 10% of electrical energy consumed.

Avitel also provides motorized window shades that can be easily controlled with the touch of a button. They can be used to deflect or harvest solar gain optimizing your home’s climate system. They will also act to protect your furnishings and floor treatments from UV damage; saving you the need for disposal and replacement.

Home automation control makes it convenient to press a single button to control all the lights in your home, or place every zone in the climate system into an energy saving state, or shut off all of the A/V equipment. These are all things that often get overlooked and have a negative effect on energy consumption and the environment. By making these functions easy to control, Avitel makes them more likely to be used.
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