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Lighting Control

Conveniently and intuitively control the lights in your home with Avitel's lighting control systems. The touch of a button can display a personalized scene setting for a single room or the entire home. Whether you are reading at your bedside, cooking or entertaining there is a lighting scheme to reflect your mood. Gradually light a path to the bathroom as the sun comes up, turn on the lights in the entry as you pull up to your driveway, or from your bed press the "all off" button and watch all the lights in the house go out…options are endless!

Lighting control systems will also reduce your energy consumption. Lighting dimmers reduce the amount of electricity used and you can even program a green setting to reduce lighting zones by a specific percentage. Avitel can reduce glare, solar heat gain and optimize natural light by controlling window shades from the very same keypad that controls the lights. Saving energy with layers of light never looked so good.
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